Orthodontic treatment or braces may be required, especially in younger patients, to straighten crooked, misaligned or gapped teeth. At Walloon Dental our team will advise if this treatment is necessary during your regular check-ups or consultation appointments. We aim to make orthodontic treatment convenient for you and your family; offering payment in instalments over the length of treatment and appointment after school and work hours from our local Walloon practice. This makes it easy if you’re from Thagoona, Rosewood, Amberley, Karrabin, Willowbank, Ironbark, Haigslea, Marburg, Tallegalla, Wulkuraka or surrounding communities.


Offering Affordable Orthodontic Treatment With ‘DentiCare’

Need orthodontic work done but worried about how much it is going to cost you?

We are now an Accredited ‘DentiCare‘ Provider and can provide affordable dental treatment for everyone!

Creating a ‘DentiCare Payment Plan’ is easy!

  • Simply discuss your treatment plan with an orthodontist at our clinic.
  • Once the course of treatment is confirmed, speak to one of our friendly staff at the reception.
  • Our team will select the appropriate deposit, payment amounts and plan duration of your choice – to submit your payment plan using the DentiCare Portal, on the day your braces go on!

Begin treatment right away! No more hassle to pay full fees up front!

Get more information on how you can set up interest-free payment plans for all your orthodontic treatments at our Reception Desk or Call us on (07) 3067 7990.