How to brush your teeth properly

Think you’re doing it right? Let’s check – how to brush your teeth properly. Straight from the dentist’s mouth!

How to brush your teeth properly – before you start:

  • Extra soft toothbrush – many patients tell us they’re no good as they can fray in mere days. IF this is sounds like you – it probably means you’re pushing too hard. Soft toothbrushes will easily last the recommended 3 months when used properly
  • Wait 30 minutes after eating to brush – saliva is great at buffering acid after eating – but it takes 30 minutes to get it down to a normal level. If brushing before this we can really accelerate the wear of enamel as it is softer when our mouths are more acidic – as they are straight after a meal.
  • Kids should be using kids’ brushes/ toothpaste and we should keep an eye on if they’re swallowing any (which we don’t want).

Tooth Brushing Method – Video

Have a look at this (very old, but still spot on) video on how to brush your teeth properly –

Tooth brushing tips

Now let’s take a look at some of the main takeaway points from this video:

  • Floss BEFORE you brush – it helps loosen debris.
  • Use aids like pixters of you have retainers or hard to reach spots.
  • Floss holders are great if you have dexterity issues.
  • Brush in a circular motion, at a 45 degree angle, for 2 minutes.
  • Remember to try not to rinse out afterwards
  • If brushing twice a day and flossing once a day most likely will not require mouthwash
  • Remember to brush your tongue! Missing it is the main culprit for bad breath. You can use a tongue scraper, or some toothbrushes have a pad on the back.

Commonly missed areas

Back of the bottom front teeth

  • Try brushing the back first – where most fillings are done as there is most decay found here – most people get lazy towards the end of the regime.

More ideas to help achieve the perfect brush

  • Check your child’s teeth after brushing to ensure they’re doing it right.
  • Plaque disclosing tablets
    • Good to try on kids and only to try for curious adults.
    • Let’s see exactly where we are missing as it highlights where plaque is hiding.
    • Brush first before using and then rebrush where spots have been highlighted

Here’s another video about common mistakes you can make while brushing your teeth:

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