How to Whiten Your Teeth

Thinking about whitening your teeth? You’ve come to the right place!

In this blog we cover:

  • Whitening options available
  • Pros and cons of each treatment
  • What is the best whitening method

Whitening Options Available

Stained or discolored teeth can be frustrating. We understand that your smile is an important part of who you are. Teeth whitening involves breaking down any stains or discoloration so your teeth look whiter. Fortunately there are a number of ways to do this! The main options available are:

  1. Over-the-counter treatments from chemists or grocery shops
  2. Personalized kits to take home by your dentist

Over-the-Counter Whitening

Over-the -counter options contain less concentrated materials than what a dentist can prescribe, so naturally you would have to use these kits longer and more frequently in order to see any noticeable results. The results may not last as long too.

Personalised Take-Home Whitening Kit

The whitening treatment dentists use is more concentrated and will deliver longer lasting results, sooner. There are two main options to whiten your teeth at the dentist, take home treatment and in chair treatment.

At Walloon Dental we provide personalized teeth whitening kits to take home. We will take an impression using a special putty so we can make the whitening trays fit perfectly in your mouth. These trays will be constructed by a technician, so you will have to come in for a second visit to pick up the personalized kit that includes the customized trays and whitening gel. The gel is unique, and is different to any other product you that’s available over-the-counter because it has a higher concentration of whitening solution. This whitening gel will have to be refrigerated. The whitening process is simple, spread the gel onto the trays and fit it up over your teeth and leave on for about 30-50 minutes. The treatment kit will contain sufficient whitening gel to complete several treatments so you can achieve your teeth whitening goal.

Pros and Cons of Treatment Options

Over the counterPersonalised Take Home Kit



Long lasting and faster results.



Could take months to see results.

Dental treatment may be overlooked.

Generic product might not be the exact fit for need.

Takes a number of treatments.

The best whitening method

The best whitening method is to see your dentist. It is the most effective option available to you and the safest, to achieve your teeth whitening goals.

Your dentist will take your oral health into consideration before starting you off on any treatment. They will first investigate to determine the cause of discoloration. It could be due to tooth decay or some other underlying problem, in which case, the over-the-counter treatments would be ineffective and would cause further damage and pain. Therefore it’s best to have a complete understanding of your oral health before commencing any whitening treatment.

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